Defending the use of labels (aka adjectives)

I wrote this for Zinnia Jones yesterday, but then realized it was Sunday and I had already hit the Publish button. Whoops.

I really feel like I shouldn’t have to justify this, but since it’s such a common argument that we-who-choose-to-use-labels come across on the internet, I figured it deserved some actual attention. Quick note: the labels that usually come under fire are ones specifically geared to describe gender and/or orientation.

It goes like this: “I don’t get why people are so obsessed with using all these labels. Why can’t you just be, like, a human being? Aren’t you just creating more division by making up all these categories? Blah blah blah, special snowflake, blah.” (I was going to add more to that, but it kinda sounds like that to me after a while. You get the point.)

Well, to start, it shouldn’t matter to you what language people use to describe themselves. If someone asks you to use certain pronouns or something, respect that. Apart from that, your involvement is not needed.

Here’s the main thing. To quote Anita Sarkeesian: “I know it sounds super basic — Comm Studies 101 – but having the language to name things in the world is really powerful.” Sarkeesian is talking about naming certain tropes in media, but it seemed like a statement which perfectly matches this argument.

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Positive Holiday Experiences

Content note: discussion of domestic violence

This year, Christmas dinner was held at my father-in-law’s house for my husband’s immediate family. There are probably 15-20 of them who show up to these things regularly, so it’s a relatively crowded affair when we get together. As an introvert, it can be somewhat stressful. Messing with my sleep schedule and being around a lot of people had my depression stirring which kept me from being at my peak. I sat for most of the event.

Other than that though, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. It’s pretty easy to talk to all of them, even the ones I’ve had arguments with on Facebook. For the most part, those pesky differences like wanting to deny people rights don’t come up. :p And when politically-charged subjects do come up, it’s in good spirit. (Except when one particular brother is there; he can be somewhat… combative. Heh.)

This might sound odd, but having a wholly positive Christmas experience (apart from my dickbag brain) is somewhat unnerving. Continue reading “Positive Holiday Experiences”

Posting for the sake of posting? Yes, I think so.

I don’t really have anything interesting to say, so I’ll just write a bunch of things I want to be doing but am not. I didn’t sleep well last night and actually left work a bit early today because of how shitty it’s making me feel, so I’m not really up for doing any of the things I’m about to list.

Work on my jewellery for Skepchick auction
Work on the transcription of one of the panels from SkepchickCon
Work on a piece of jewellery my bestie requested
Blog on a website that matters
Work on the new banner I’m making for this site (Oh yeah, that’s happening)
Fix several pairs of pants which have giant holes in them
Look for a new job
Do laundry
Do dishes

Oh wait, maybe I should actually address that last one….

Amazing Spouse-Time

I suppose I should start blogging regularly. There is definitely not enough hatemail coming my way, and it makes me feel like a bad activist for not having haters. :p Definitely need to write regularly to keep in shape and make myself feel better and get attention.

WHELP this is still my personal blog, so allow me to flail for a moment because my husband is a superdupertastic awesome person. Most recently, I told him how I feel about having boobs and where I stand on mastectomy.

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