Hormones and Transition Projects

Hey, so, I started taking testosterone! I haven’t really been blogging about it because I’ve been vlogging on my YouTube channel, but I thought I’d talk for a minute about the projects I’m doing throughout my transition.

Also I’ve been working during the day and it kind of sucks but sleeping at night has been really good for me.

Obviously I’ve been doing videos on YouTube, talking about what’s going on. I recorded the process of me giving myself a shot for the first time and that will be edited and up on my channel probably in like a week, max. I have to finish editing a video for a project I’m doing with my dad before I can settle in on that one. Continue reading “Hormones and Transition Projects”



For a teensy bit of background information, my husband and I started out as a monogamous couple and decided to open our relationship in December. :D :D :D

So, hubby has branched out a little bit with the poly stuff, but I haven’t had anyone I’ve been particularly interested in (within a reasonable proximity to my location). UP UNTIL PRETTY RECENTLY.

One of our guy friends hangs out with us fairly often. There aren’t a lot of people that we enjoy being around in person all the time, so it’s pretty cool that we all like each others’ company so much. There’s lots of anti-capitalism and religion bashing in our conversations, which is usually fun. XD

I get “aw you’re so cute” sentiments relatively easily, and that started a couple weeks ago with this friend. Finally, I decided it would be fun to see if we could play, so I asked the Degon what he thought, and he was cool with it. Funny story: The day after I started planning my proposition to said friend, he brought up that he wanted to ask a “favor” of me, which I found out a couple days later was just HIM PROPOSITIONING ME, WHABAMM. Continue reading “POLYPOLYPOLYPOLYPOLY”

“Bruiser the Fusion” – A Review (NSFW)

Content note: This is a review of a sex toy. It will get saucy and there are pictures of the toy (no porn, sorry!) below the break.

Twitter-following Zinnia Jones is having an influence on me… She gets sexy and talks about her toys, so I got the idea to review the toy I bought recently.

I got it from Bad Dragon, which is really awesome and if you haven’t ever seen them (and are over 18, obviously), you should check them out. There are a variety of different toys to choose from; the one I bought was Bruiser the Fusion.

Continue reading ““Bruiser the Fusion” – A Review (NSFW)”

“It Doesn’t Count”

I was just imagining a hypothetical situation in which a female lust-interest who has a boyfriend might be willing to have sexy times with me without telling her boyfriend, but not with Degon. I do this a lot with random hypotheticals, which is why I made a category for it a while ago. My brain overclocks on the imagination.

Anyway, I was thinking about this and how unfair it is. It’s already an established cultural idea that penis-in-vagina sex is the only sex that “counts” as sex. There are a lot of interesting results of this, including girls having anal sex to preserve their virginity. Some might say that a lesbian who’s never had penis-in-vagina sex is still a virgin. It’s weird.

It seems to be a fairly common concept that if you’re a woman with a boyfriend, fooling around with another woman doesn’t count as cheating. Perhaps it’s because of how fetishized lesbian interactions are, and the assumption is that the boyfriend would think it’s hot anyway? 

Or maybe it’s probably just about the penis. Continue reading ““It Doesn’t Count””

Bisexual vs. Pansexual 1/2

There’s been some discussion lately on Twitter and Facebook within the feminist/LGBT communities over how we should use the term “bisexual.” The question is whether or not using the term is a form of non-binary erasure. That is, does saying “bisexual” inherently exclude people who have a non-binary gender identity (such as myself)?

My position on the subject is that, yes, the term “bisexual” implies an exclusion of trans* people.

It was pointed out to me recently that the words “homosexual” and “heterosexual” aren’t used properly in modern colloquial contexts. Etymologically speaking, the Greek word homos means “same” (duh) while the Greek hetero- means “other” rather than “opposite,” which is how we tend to interpret it in modern English.

Now, again speaking etymologically, the Latin bi- means “two.” (Two, twice, double, etc.) It was argued to me that the word “bisexual” is actually supposed to mean one is attracted to the “same or other” sex, combining the meanings of the roots hetero- and homo-. Looking purely at the origin and root of the words, this latter definition is plainly wrong. Saying “bisexual” explicitly states that one is attracted to two sexes/genders. However, I will grant some credence to the argument since I’m by no means an expert on language.

Even granting that, I still reject the notion that saying “bisexual” is an inclusive term to non-binary people. Continue reading “Bisexual vs. Pansexual 1/2”

Menstruation (Ir)regularity

One of my Facebook buddies shared a link to a gender-neutral menstruation calculator app dealie bopper. Periods are not something I pay super close attention to because they’ve been incredibly irregular since I started having them, but I decided to check out the app and see how it works.

Starting out with the app it asks you to fill out some information like your weight, age, and average days between your periods. Since I’ve been keeping track of my menstrual cycle for several years, I decided to take the average from the last year just to see how that turns out.

So, I’ve had 7 periods since last August and the average time between them is.. wait for it… Continue reading “Menstruation (Ir)regularity”