Contemplating How I View Relationships

Random post about some scattered thoughts I have about how my views toward all sorts of relationships have changed over the years.

In a conversation I was having with a friend this week, I said something about how I’m pretty much always emotionally prepared for my primary relationship to end because–since it has almost ended multiple times–I’ve had to emotionally disconnect already. (Which doesn’t make my relationship sound great, even though most of the time it is.)

Upon further reflection, I don’t think I was quite on the mark when I said that.¬† Continue reading “Contemplating How I View Relationships”



For a teensy bit of background information, my husband and I started out as a monogamous couple and decided to open our relationship in December. :D :D :D

So, hubby has branched out a little bit with the poly stuff, but I haven’t had anyone I’ve been particularly interested in (within a reasonable proximity to my location). UP UNTIL PRETTY RECENTLY.

One of our guy friends hangs out with us fairly often. There aren’t a lot of people that we enjoy being around in person all the time, so it’s pretty cool that we all like each others’ company so much. There’s lots of anti-capitalism and religion bashing in our conversations, which is usually fun. XD

I get “aw you’re so cute” sentiments relatively easily, and that started a couple weeks ago with this friend. Finally, I decided it would be fun to see if we could play, so I asked the Degon what he thought, and he was cool with it. Funny story: The day after I started planning¬†my proposition to said friend, he brought up that he wanted to ask a “favor” of me, which I found out a couple days later was just HIM PROPOSITIONING ME, WHABAMM. Continue reading “POLYPOLYPOLYPOLYPOLY”

Having Crushes

Goodness, I have way too many drafts right now to be writing up another post… But oh well! This one at least requires no research and little thought beyond what’s currently dominant in my mind, so it’s ezpz.

One of the bigger worries associated with having an open relationship which begins with a primary couple is that other amours will crowd out or overshadow the primary partner. It’s a point of view that I’ve acknowledged, but haven’t really thought much about.
When I’ve imagined having the flexibility of being in more than one relationship, I’ve always thought of them as Separate Things. Being with one person was being with them and while I may talk about them with one of the others, it would still be separate feelings and activities and inside jokes.
As it turns out, this is not necessarily the case!

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Moving Forward (Or Trying To)

There are a lot of things stressing me out right now. In fact, I’m quite anxious as I write this, for a number of reasons that may all be better discussed in detail in their own time. To summarize: I have no idea when we’re leaving, what state our living affairs will be in, or (especially, as of late) where we will be living and what we’ll be doing after we’re finished with Ren Fest.

The details are all quite fuzzy at the moment. What is clear is this: I am anxious, and something needs to change to address it.

When I got in the car and left work some twenty minutes ago, I was very upbeat. Immediately, I started singing heartily to I Fight Dragons’ version of “Never Gonna Give You Up”. At some point in the very short drive, my mood started to wriggle around and finally sink. Continue reading “Moving Forward (Or Trying To)”

“Taboo” Polygamy

This morning, I was lazily watching TV on some random network. The show was about Revelations in the Bible and how it’s interpreted metaphorically and literally by different scholars. This post is not, however, related to the TV show, but one of the commercials played during the break.

The show is called “Taboo”. During the brief moment I was paying attention, I saw a blue cat-suit and a man saying he likes to dress up as a blue cat on the weekends. It’s kind of a shot at furries, of which I am not, so I wasn’t particularly offended so much as noticing that most people view being a furry as weird and “taboo”.

The next blip is of a man, woman, and another man walking hand-in-hand down a park sidewalk. The woman starts saying “I love both my husbands,” while the video changes to show the men smooching. Cut to the title of the program: TABOO. Continue reading ““Taboo” Polygamy”