A Year of (re)Invention Update 1

Hey all! It’s been a while since I posted because I just haven’t felt particularly motivated to write, thanks to depression and having other things going on in life. But I wanted to update on some of the things I’ve done to check off on that list I made.

I’ve written in the past about not really liking New Year’s Resolutions for various reasons, so this was a list I made in August with the intention of it lasting until next August, when I ostensibly plan to move somewhere far away from Kansas. But now it’s almost the new year and I wanted to update on it.

I dyed my hair some neon color! It’s been blue for a couple months now and here’s what it looks like today: Continue reading “A Year of (re)Invention Update 1”


Drawing Strength from Books

There’s a book series my husband and I listen to on audiobook nearly every day. It’s called the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, four books titled Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance. My depression is shit right now, and it’s interesting how often and how much I depend on this book series to provide me with the strength to keep going. (I’m probably going to spoil major plot points, so… yeah.)

It’s a series about magic and oppression and racism and religion. It’s really an eclectic series that touches on a range of subjects and mostly in a good way. Problematic in some ways, as most things are, but overall pretty good. Strong female characters, all that.

Two of the main female characters, Arya and Nasuada, are constant sources of inspiration and strength for me. I also draw strength from the character Roran, although I identify with him far less. Arya is an elf, and in this universe there is no gender disparity amongst elves. She’s an independent woman with a complicated history. She’s a powerful magician and warrior, but she’s often more vulnerable than she allows other people to see. She’s committed to her people and to her duty, and she won’t allow anything to deter her. Continue reading “Drawing Strength from Books”

I Have A Birthday Coming Up

Hey, so, I have a birthday later this month. I’ll be turning 20 on the 27th.

There are usually a larger number of people who like me than I’m willing to admit, so I figured I’d give you guys a chance to do nice things for me by presenting you with my Amazon wish list. There’s another specific item I’d like that isn’t on the list because it’s not on Amazon for some reason. It’s a super cool jigsaw puzzle.

If you’d like to contribute to covering medical (prescriptions, IUD) or living expenses, or if you don’t have my address, (or if you just feel like sending money) you can use my donate link to send moneys through PayPal. I think there’s a way to add a note so you can specify what you’d like to help out with if it suits your fancy. **Afterthought: I also want to go to CONvergence later this year, and hopefully Skepticon as well! If you’d like to help out with that, make a note of it and your donation will be saved to help pay for that stuff.**

I love all of you. I’m chipping away at a piece for Zinnia Jones’ blog and otherwise trying to become betterer enough to function and do more regular writing. It’s hard. I appreciate having a network of people to support me regardless of whether I get gifts at any point of the year. Most of my friends are internet friends, and you pretty much never let me down.

Such love. Many hugs. Much tired.

**EDITED: I mentioned in a previous post that I’m interested in getting a new toy from Bad-Dragon (NSFW), so, you know… if you wanna help with that, I guess.**

Being a Blogger at Teen Skepchick

Let me just say that I started the draft for this post weeks ago and I’m finally in a mood to write. I haven’t really done anything productive in the last several weeks. Well, I discovered writing in circular Gallifreyan and got part-way through making a pendant. That’s about it, though.

I started writing for TS in April. It’s a wonderful opportunity to insert myself in a community that I want to really be part of. It’s granted me a platform and an audience, both online and IRL. I have lots of new friends and acquaintances, and I had an opportunity to actually leave my state for a few days! (Crazy, right?) I got to meet Rebecca Watson and fucking PZ Myers. Continue reading “Being a Blogger at Teen Skepchick”

CONvergence 2012!

Okay, it’s been several days, but I think I finally have time to sit down and write a bit about SkepchickCON.

We got in at about 5pm, much much earlier than I had anticipated. We visited the apocalypse panel, met a super super creepy kid, and generally awkwarded around the Skepchick party room.

The Dr. Horrible Sing Along was this night, and it was amazing. The gigantic room was packed. Lots of people would speak with some of the more memorable lines. “Because the status.. is NOT.. quo..” I was a little disappointed at how few people were singing Felicia Day’s parts. I assume it’s partially that I couldn’t hear people, and I can’t blame a lot of them for clinging to the protagonists’s lines. I used my femmy-femme voice to harmonize.

Continue reading “CONvergence 2012!”