I Changed My Facebook Name

Some of you who follow me regularly on various platforms may have noticed that I’ve been uploading on YouTube as Luxander Pond, changed my Twitter name to the same name, and started blogging at The Orbit using the same.

Up until a few days ago, I was abstaining from changing my name on Facebook. Partially because I expected them to require some form of identification from me showing the change, and partially because I wasn’t sure how I felt about changing it there. Continue reading “I Changed My Facebook Name”

My Name, Part 5/5: Fin

My name is officially (or, it will be Monday?) Luxander Lykou Pickel!

Lux came from two Latin words: fluxa and fluxus. One means ‘fluctuating’ and the other means ‘fleeting’ but I’m not sure which anymore. It refers to my being genderqueer, pansexual, and flexible and also refers to my mortality and how life is fleeting. Double-whammy there.

Lykou is Greek for ‘wolf’. It’s a reference to Doctor Who (Bad Wolf) BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING DORK DEAL WITH IT. I also prefer to think of myself as a Wolf rather than a Sheep because I’ve always had above-average intelligence and tend to carve out my own path instead of following the trails.

I considered this name for a while. A long while. I’ve been trying to create a name for myself since I realized I had gender issues and came out as trans. (That was over three years ago.) It’s definitely not a decision I’ve made lightly. This is going to be my name for all foreseeable future-time. Continue reading “My Name, Part 5/5: Fin”

If You Were Concerned

So, hey, you’ve probably seen the changes on my Twitter or Facebook by now (and if you haven’t heard, welcome to the news!). To clarify: Chris and I got married today.

We didn’t tell very many people because we didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

We didn’t have an actual ceremony, it was just us and two of our good friends and a judge. Don’t feel like you were left out of anything as there was nothing to be left out of.

In terms of my name, I did change it. It’s now Luxander Lykou Pickel (this is the part that’s hardest to get used to). I’ll make a separate post explaining it some other time. In short, you don’t have to stop calling me Elly. I may introduce myself to new people as either Lux or Elly, but I’m not making anyone change over.


My Name, Part 4/5: "Fluxa"

I recently put a sticky-note on my monitor that simply says “You’re going to die.” It seems like a brutal thing to put where I can see it all the time, but I am going to die someday. What better motivator to do something worthwhile with my time than reminding myself that “YOLO”? (Lol, and here I am blog-posting on my personal blog and not a more constructive blog.)

While pondering the fact that I’ll someday die and that I’m okay with it, but want to be productive, the word ‘fleeting’ crossed my mind.

Continue reading “My Name, Part 4/5: "Fluxa"”

My Name, Part 3/5: Lysander

So, we’ve pretty firmly established that I don’t like my first or middle name. The solution to this problem, of course, is to change my name. :D

I really like Lysander (lie-zan-dur). However, I don’t like most of the nicknames that come from it. Nicknames are core to this decision. I could do Ly, Andy, Zander, Sandy. Basically any nickname you can possibly get from Lysander isn’t preferable for me. Continue reading “My Name, Part 3/5: Lysander”

My Name, Part 2/5: Elizabeth

Woah, now the whole internets knows that my first name is legally Elizabeth! Let me clarify: I hate this name. As applying to me, that is. I don’t mind it as a name in general. So, please don’t call me Elizabeth. I’m trusting you with this one, Internet.

Growing up, I was Liz. (Again, Internet, trusting you.) Also Lizzy, Lizard, depending on the family member.

When I was 12, I started going by Elli. I gained an appreciation for my legal name around this time, due to its versatility. Elizabeth is full of options. It’s also really pretty in cursive–this has honestly been a factor at times. It was a fairly smooth transition, all-around. Continue reading “My Name, Part 2/5: Elizabeth”

My Name Part 1/5: Pemberton

I was planning on talking about something totally different, and then I realized that these needed to be split up a bit to keep things brief and coherent.

Pemberton is my last name. I’ve been pretty neutral toward it for most of my life; I always figured I’d end up changing it when I got married. Lately, I’m asking myself questions like “Why do I want to change my name when I get married?” “Why do I always phrase that question as ‘when I get married’?” Continue reading “My Name Part 1/5: Pemberton”