Homophobia at Wichita East HS

Okay, I find this to be incredibly ridiculous. I first found this article onĀ Change.org. It’s an editorial written by student Colin Johnson at Wichita East High School. I’ll give you a couple quotes and a link so you can read the whole article.

The general flavor of the article goes like this, “It is rare to see that kind of passion between two girls or two guys in public, and when it is seen, it often unnerves students and makes them feel uncomfortable. This is especially common among the younger high school population, most likely freshmen, who are not used to witnessing anything like that.”

And here’s some more: “These relationships just are not normal. One thing to notice is that there is legislation against homosexual marriage. However, there are no legislative restrictions to same sex dating. Dating does often lead to marriage, so same sex dating should be frowned upon.” Continue reading “Homophobia at Wichita East HS”