Dear Cis Guys:

Dear cis guys:

1. What the fuck?
2. Fucking why?
3. Fuck off.

Unnecessary disclaimer: Obviously this is not directed at all cis men. This is mostly a rant and I’m pointing out cis men because they have privilege-blindness and are the ones who most often do this to me. Also, clearly there’s going to be a lot of cussing in this post, so be aware of that… Now, on with the story.

I work in a convenience store. I see a lot of people–at least a hundred per night. Based on probability theory, I will inevitably have creepy dudes staring at me and offering me their number and shit. I’ve written about it before, so clearly this isn’t a new thing. But it still drives me up a fucking wall.

Last night, there was a dude who came in to buy something; I don’t remember what it was. But he was staring at me throughout the transaction. Not just staring, but leering. I could not come up with another word for it: he was staring and smiling this creepy-as-shit smile. I did what I always do: offer up my best customer service and quickly end the interaction so I could get back to the other work I needed to be doing. Continue reading “Dear Cis Guys:”


I’m Not a Reddit Atheist…

Quite a while ago, I was having a conversation on someone’s Facebook something on Facebook. Who knows what it was. Basically it was me, the atheist, talking to some other people who were probably Christians about something religion-related. (Lol I’m bad at this. This idea is from months ago and I’m just now sitting down to write it Thanksgiving night. XD)

During the course of this conversation, one of the (I think) Christians said something to me along the lines of “Go back to Reddit.” I didn’t think it was a very nice thing to say. Partly because I’m almost certain they meant it as an insult, but also because Reddit atheists have a reputation for being sort of jerkfaceish.

Obviously there’s nothing inherently wrong with Reddit or r/atheism or the fact that Reddit is commonly associated with atheists. To the contrary, I think it’s great that a fairly well-known website has a reputation for atheist association–it increases the visibility of atheists in wider culture.

However, Reddit atheism (not talking about the specific board r/atheism just atheists on Reddit in general) is thought of as overly simplistic, overly aggressive, and somewhat thoughtless. It seems like an echo chamber for some of the fresher atheists who are still very bitter toward religion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m bitter about religion, but the stereotypical traits of Reddit atheism don’t really apply to me in a broader sense. And I don’t even use Reddit. I’ve been there maybe a grand total of four times, when I’ve been linked there from other places. It’s just not my type of site. Continue reading “I’m Not a Reddit Atheist…”

Bisexual vs. Pansexual 1/2

There’s been some discussion lately on Twitter and Facebook within the feminist/LGBT communities over how we should use the term “bisexual.” The question is whether or not using the term is a form of non-binary erasure. That is, does saying “bisexual” inherently exclude people who have a non-binary gender identity (such as myself)?

My position on the subject is that, yes, the term “bisexual” implies an exclusion of trans* people.

It was pointed out to me recently that the words “homosexual” and “heterosexual” aren’t used properly in modern colloquial contexts. Etymologically speaking, the Greek word homos means “same” (duh) while the Greek hetero- means “other” rather than “opposite,” which is how we tend to interpret it in modern English.

Now, again speaking etymologically, the Latin bi- means “two.” (Two, twice, double, etc.) It was argued to me that the word “bisexual” is actually supposed to mean one is attracted to the “same or other” sex, combining the meanings of the roots hetero- and homo-. Looking purely at the origin and root of the words, this latter definition is plainly wrong. Saying “bisexual” explicitly states that one is attracted to two sexes/genders. However, I will grant some credence to the argument since I’m by no means an expert on language.

Even granting that, I still reject the notion that saying “bisexual” is an inclusive term to non-binary people. Continue reading “Bisexual vs. Pansexual 1/2”