I had a birthday

Yes, Wednesday was my birthday. I’m now 19, which is fun to think to myself. “Hi, I’m Luxander and I’m 19 years old now!” We didn’t really do a whole lot, I worked Tuesday night and spent my evening (i.e. Wednesday morning) just hanging out with Chris. My best friend Kate Jack came over after we woke up in the evening, he stayed the night and then we went downtown to walk around and look at stuffs.

Overall, not super eventful. Not super great, but not horribleawfulbad.

I bought myself a Logitech G510 gaming keyboard, with all kinds of customization and macro keys and USB ports and volume/play control. Oh, and a heads-up display that I’ll be using for omgidkwut. Most of the time it just shows the time and date, when/if I get back into WoW it’ll probably be used as a stat-display in PVP.

Jack bought me Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD (as requested–he’s a keeper) and a box of gourmet cupcakes, which are all decadent and delicious. Continue reading “I had a birthday”


Near-Future Computer Enhancements

Every so-often, my computer needs an upgrade or a good cleaning and I have to shuffle things around in there. Chris bought a new video card yesterday since he’s been severely lacking in that respect, and I decided to grab his old video card to give each of my monitors its own dedicated GPU.

For some reason, nothing pisses me off faster and more thoroughly than attempting to get my computer to do things when it doesn’t want to. And being crammed under my desk. And my elbows getting fucked up on carpet.

Continue reading “Near-Future Computer Enhancements”



I feel totally dumb for breaking it in the first place. I was using the torch and left it on too long, so something overheated and is now totally fucked.

Basically, it will turn on and show you the htc screen and then does nothing else. Ever. Removing the battery and putting it back in is the only way to reset it. It will load the boot screen with options for factory reset, etc., but also stays on the htc screen indefinitely when you try to boot.


Going to give it to my dad next weekend to see if he can save it.

And I totes can’t afford to buy a new phone. I literally have $15 in the bank and don’t get paid until Friday. /crycrycry

And the backup phone I’m using is incredibly frustrating. It has an incredibly insensitive touch-screen, no real ability to use the data, poor quality camera, SO MANY THINGS. It’s really annoying.

Okay, I’m done bitching now. I need to do dishes but I’ll probably just play video games.

Hardware Issues

My computer has had a habitual tendency to suddenly show me a blue screen and attempt to restart. During the restart, it tells me that my CPU is over temperature. Yesterday, it did this multiple times, so I installed SpeedFan in the hopes that it would help me understand this problem. We were idling at about 59°C and when I started WoW on the news screen, it shot up to somewhere in the 80’s. Celsius. In a panic, I closed everything, shut down, and called the expert on these subjects: My dad.

After speaking with him and doing a little research on my own, I looked at my CPU’s fan and heatsink to find it COVERED in dust. So, I unplugged everything, took off the side and started to dismantle things. I used a combination of paper towel, finger, and toothbrush to get the fan clean and mostly a toothbrush to clean the heatsink itself. Continue reading “Hardware Issues”