On Changing Plans

This is kind of a weird thing to talk about.

I was so sure I wanted to divorce, separate, and move away from my partner. But some recent upswellings of Feels have caused me to doubt those wants. I find myself missing him, since our schedules no longer line up in such a way as we spend much time together. And our finances might not be such that we can afford to separate this year even if we wanted to.

Long story short, we’re getting along as friends and have signed another year’s lease at this apartment. (And I don’t know what lies for us in the future in terms of a “relationship.” I have many complicated feelings on the subject, and I wouldn’t reproduce his expressed feelings here, nor claim to know exactly how he feels about it.)

It’s all kind of odd. I just figured I’d post an update, since before I was talking about getting my own place and moving into the city and all that.

At the very least, I intend to get a bed at some point in the relatively near future so we can split the two bedrooms into two bedrooms, instead of a bedroom and computer room. (For me, this is part of having a need to control my own space. And it’s also less inconvenient, since we’re on different sleep schedules and the clothes are in the bedroom.)

It’s almost 3 in the morning, I’m tired, and I’m not sure why I started working on a blog post in such a state.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me. I’m going to sleep now. Good morning!

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