Site Change

Alright, so, there’s this awesome new blog collective that launched earlier this month, called The Orbit. It’s a site for nonreligious bloggers who have a particular interest in social justice, and I feel honored and privileged to say that I was invited to be on their roster. Which is awesome!

Here’s a link to our About Us page so you get a full idea of what we do there:

I mention this because my blog hosted there is called Metaphorical Penis. I’ve made a slight change to this WP blog, titling it “Luxander’s Blog” and changing the tagline to show it’s a personal blog now. I don’t think I can change the URL without starting a new blog and exporting everything over to it, so I’m content with the superficial change for the time being.

So, my big thought-pieces will be over at The Orbit now. And hopefully some of my silly content will be there, too. This one will be more for the raw personal posts and life updates. (Not that I’ve been particularly active on it for any length of time, but whatever.)

If you’re interested in reading my content, please check me out over at The Orbit!

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