I Changed My Facebook Name

Some of you who follow me regularly on various platforms may have noticed that I’ve been uploading on YouTube as Luxander Pond, changed my Twitter name to the same name, and started blogging at The Orbit using the same.

Up until a few days ago, I was abstaining from changing my name on Facebook. Partially because I expected them to require some form of identification from me showing the change, and partially because I wasn’t sure how I felt about changing it there.

See, I’m still married. My legal last name is still “Pickel,” and my husband and I share many friends, including several family members who may or may not be privy to the fact that I intend for us to eventually get divorced.

Since Facebook purports itself as a place where you present your true name (in most cases, read: legal name) on your profile, it feels like the most official place to make such a change. And it feels somewhat momentous to have changed it there.

I had originally intended to wait until we actually got divorced to change it, but a few cups of wine and a conversation with my dad spurred me to see if it was possible to change it, and it was possible, so I did.

On the one hand, I feel a bit squeamish about making it “official.” But on the other hand, it’s incredibly vindicating. I use Facebook near constantly, so if I’m cavorting about under a different name on all my other social media, including projects I put a decent amount of effort to, it makes sense to reflect that change on my central platform.

So, yeah. I haven’t legally changed my name, but literally all the social media accounts I have show the change I intend to make. It’s nice. Everything is uniform, and I feel like I’m presenting my authentic self on the one platform I use to do most of my networking, in addition to all the others.


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