A Year of (re)Invention Update 1

Hey all! It’s been a while since I posted because I just haven’t felt particularly motivated to write, thanks to depression and having other things going on in life. But I wanted to update on some of the things I’ve done to check off on that list I made.

I’ve written in the past about not really liking New Year’s Resolutions for various reasons, so this was a list I made in August with the intention of it lasting until next August, when I ostensibly plan to move somewhere far away from Kansas. But now it’s almost the new year and I wanted to update on it.

I dyed my hair some neon color! It’s been blue for a couple months now and here’s what it looks like today:


So yeah! Got that checked off the list.

One of my other goals was to go out drinking with friends, which I did Saturday night. I went to Missy B’s, a gay bar where they do drag shows, and had a ton of fun. I technically didn’t drink with my friend, since they were the designated driver, but I did have a girl buy me a drink and I danced with her and got her number so that was really cool and I think counts toward my goal. A+!

One of my other goals, and probably the main one, was to start a meaningful project and finish it. The original intent was to have it be a physical manifestation, like a cosplay or a drawing. But I also conceded that if I did a significant amount of work on my YouTube that would also count.

I did an Indiegogo and raised $510 to get equipment to start a Let’s Play channel. The campaign has ended, I’ve gotten my funds (minus the fees), and placed the order for the bulk of my equipment.

The only annoying part of the whole getting-my-equipment thing is that my studio lights might not be here until late January, so that puts a bit of a damper on my plans to get started as soon as possible. But putting together the Indiegogo itself was a lot of work, and getting my workspace all set up will also be a lot of work, so that’s gonna count for a lot in terms of working toward this goal.

I’m not yet certain how often I’m going to be posting videos, but I’m just super enthusiastic about the idea of getting started. I REALLY REALLY love recording and editing, and I’ve been practicing making commentary while I’m playing games, so I think this is going to turn out really well.

I’ve continued making videos for my main YouTube channel, including a video I posted today about the importance of using gender-inclusive language in our discussions about abortion.

The only goal I set that I’ve been failing miserably on is my goal to read one new book each month. I picked up A Game of Thrones and got about halfway through it before losing the motivation to read. I think after I get done with this post I’m going to go sit on my couch for a while and settle in to it for a few hours.

So that’s kind of a general update on how I’m doing with my mid-year resolutions. Things are actually going pretty well. I’ve still got work stress but I’m supposed to be applying for a new job here soon. I’ve got relationship stress but it’s a mixed bag of good and bad. All in all, I’m focusing on my professional ventures and enjoying the thrill of discovery.

Happy New Year! <3


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