Leaving Today!

So, yeah, I’m gonna go to sleep here soon and then wake up in about six hours so I can drive an hour and a half to the new store! And then after I work eight hours I get to drive to a hotel 30 miles north of the store and that’ll be where I’m staying for the next ten days. Wooo! I guess.

I had an amazing day today for oxytocin-related reasons that I won’t get into. :p

I really should be getting my shit together right now but I think I’m trying to put off going to sleep because this is my last chance to just.. be here in my apartment at my computer. For a week and a half. Ugh. I’m gonna miss my kitties. x.x

But! It’ll hopefully be relatively nice/fun/not shitty. I’m hoping I give myself some time to just like.. chill and work on crocheting or knitting or something. I think I’m sharing a room, so that’ll be kinda weird/interesting. I like the woman I’ll be rooming with, but she’ll be asleep when I get to the hotel from work and then I’ll be asleep before she leaves, but w/e.

Wish me luck!


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