Started Therapy!

Yeah! So, my therapist was late (he forgot he had a 9am on Monday morning; I’m willing to forgive this). However! He seems to be pretty good at his job, and I like talking to him. One session is hardly everything, but I did feel better afterward.

I mean, I cried kinda hard on-and-off for a few hours, but that was mostly just processing things and having emotional build-up from the last several weeks/months/years.

I’m tired and don’t have the spoons to go on about therapy stuff at the mo’. Not sure why I’m choosing to write when I don’t have the brainspace to really write, but whaaaatever. TL;DR: I’m looking forward to making progress.

We’re very abruptly taking over the new store next week, so starting Wednesday I’m going to be out of town for ten days straight. x.x Thankfully I have two nights off beforehand, and will have two nights off after. Sort of a buffer. Still though, ten-day stretches are never fun. I’LL MAKE IT, IT’LL BE FINE.


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