Work, Therapy, Feelings

So I’m not actually going out of town! Some weird thing happened and we aren’t taking over the store until some time in March.

I should be sleeping right now but I’m restless and wanted to throw some thoughts out there before passing out.

I called the mental health clinic and left a message. One of the nurses called me back so she could fill out a referral form for me, asking what I needed therapy for and whatnot. (“Uh.. Depression. And… Gender dysphoria? And relationship stuff.”) So she filled the form out to give to the team leader, who will then assign a therapist to me. I should hear from my therapist by the end of next week. =]

At which point I assume we’ll chat for a minute and then set appointments!! Which I’m excited about! Therapy is actually a big step forward in a recovery, and if you’ve been dodging it for a while like I have, it feels really nice to finally get going.

Shout out to my friend Kyle, for being supportive and encouraging me to get that process started.



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