Cats being weird about food

We got a new cat last summer (Mitternacht), and my mother-in-law reported that he was an aggressive one who caused problems for some of her other cats. I hadn’t really noticed any big issue with him except that he’s been getting fatter over the last few months. (Also he’s skittish, but we’re working on that.)

We discovered that he’s been scarfing down his food and then scarfing down whatever is left in the others’ bowls. So now I have to go back to putting their food down and picking it back up when they’re done eating, 3 times a day. Which is kind of fucking annoying.

I feel bad for having not caught this behavior before now, though. Lucifer has been doing a lot better about not gorging himself as soon as I put the food down, but he did today and made himself throw up. Aaaand I’m pretty sure it’s because of Mitternacht being food-aggressive.

/sigh. Stupid cats, not knowing what’s best for them.


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