Welll, it’s been a pitiful summer for blogging. So, here’s a post about cats!

Earlier this summer, Degon and I went to his mom’s for a visit. She has about a bazillion cats (not really, but it seems that way) and we decided to take one of them home with us. We’ve had the same two cats (brothers from the same litter) for a few years, and it seemed like a good time to introduce a welcome element of change to our house.


This was the first picture I snagged of Mitternacht after bringing him home. He was in the middle of cleaning himself.


I thought he was very attractive in this particular moment.


Mama told us that Mitternacht is a little food aggressive, but that’s not really an issue for us. We feed them three times a day and they each have their own bowl. I was actually trying to capture how much bigger Degon the Mighty is from the other two, since people don’t generally believe us when we say he’s huge. :p This wasn’t the best example, but the cat on the lower right is actually considerably larger than the other two.


Here’s Degon the Mighty taking up the entirety of Degon’s lap. In case you didn’t know how huge he is.


It didn’t take very long for them to start playing with each other. Here we see Mitternacht giving Lucifer a bit of a turn, in a blur of action!


Degon is usually quite affectionate toward me, but I’ve noticed him being even moreso since bringing Mitternacht home. He’s actually a little possessive about me, which is cute. If I’m giving Mitternacht attention across the room, he comes over out of jealousy. One time, I was talking to Degon and Mitternacht came over to see what was up, and Degon started sniffing at Mittens’ face, placing his body between me and Mitternacht. He also doesn’t like to let Mitternacht into our bedroom.


And this is pretty much Lucy’s entire personality. He loves the shit out of me.


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