Woah, I’m Still Alive!

Ohai! I’m in a relatively good mood at the moment, since I just finished up my trial episode for Timelined. Supposedly, they’re hiring editors, and I think the ad said it would be like $15 per content hour? I’m not 100% certain that it isn’t a scam (and that’s not a ton of money), but that’s why I’m waiting to see what they ask for in terms of how they intend to pay me, and whether the first payment goes through before I go quit my job. Kind of silly to have to do that, but hey, this is the Internet we’re talking about.

Right as I started to get my depression shit under control over the last few months, the other two employees on my shift quit. Unfortunately, this has put me in a position where I’m basically working 6 1/2 days a week. Since the other shifts are understaffed as well, there’s slack for me to pick up and that makes things exceedingly more difficult. Despite having been so close to having all my shit together, I’ve had an expected backslide due to the increased stress.

I feel like, since I was so close to having things together, I’ve been better prepared and able to handle this rough patch. I haven’t been able to write much, or do a lot of the other things I like, but HabitRPG is helping me do the things I need to do and has been a great tool for self-care. It’s never easy, but I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I have in the past. Thanks, Prozac!

I’ve been saying for a while that if I worked from home, things would be a lot easier to manage. Having checked the original Craigslist ad and confirmed that it’s $15 per *content hour* and not just hours put in, I’m a little more anxious about trying to do that full time. I might end up putting more hours in than at my current job for the same amount of money, but I still think that being home would be easier on me in basically every way.

Anyways, I have to get ready for work. Just thought I’d blurb a bit while I felt like doing it.


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