Stuff and Junk

So, as usual, the reason I haven’t been posting is some mixture of being sad and having a lot on my mind and feeling bad and having no motivation.

BUT HEY I figured I’d throw a personal post up since the Important Big Stuff can go on the FTB one.

I’m really looking forward to my birthday. I have no plans and no expectations for presents, but I won’t be a teenager any more. I’m going to have the night off, probably to myself, so that’s cool. Idk what I’ll do, but it will probably involve sleeping in and playing video games.

Hah, okay, so, we just got a bunch of walkie-talkies at work. They have a headset with microphone that you plug in. This has been one of the most amusing things I’ve dealt with at work in a while. All of the normal messing-around that my shifties and I do is amplified. We don’t have to yell across the building or run around trying to find each other if we need something or have a random comment. There are fewer inhibitions related to face-to-face conversation. 

I didn’t realize until it was alleviated, but apparently I’m really lonely while I’m at work. For some reason, having that immediate connection to a friend and/or coworker via the headset is very comforting and sharply reduces how compulsively I check my phone.

Oh, we finally have our new manager. He’s pretty nice, and I appreciate the structure he’s bringing to the store. Oh also I get to be officially the shift leader, which is apparently about the same status-wise as an assistant manager though I’m going to basically just do my job as usual with the added knowledge that I can be bossy and expect to be obeyed. :p

I have a crush and it’s consuming a LOT of my brainspace.

Degon and I have been playing a fuckton of Minecraft lately. I didn’t used to find it super appealing, but playing in Survival mode more often than Creative is definitely adding some flavor to it. I’m trying my damndest to find wolves. I had a pack, but I died in a foreign land and can’t find them. D:

One of my coworkers is lending me some Star Wars novels, and I also got a few as a Secret Santa present, which I’m very excited about. Turns out the expanded universe kind of makes Star Wars an enjoyable story.

Anyway, not much else going on. Degon and I will be altering our sleep schedule starting next week, so hopefully I don’t go on a rampage or anything as a result of screwing with my circadian rhythms.



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