Lots of stuff in the brain place

Whew, the last week or so has been kind of a doozy for me. There’s a lot going on in my head and I’ve been really anxious, so I apologize for my absence here and elsewhere on the internetz.

First of all, I started taking Zoloft a couple days ago. I’m interested to see how that works for me over the next month or two. This episode of anxiety started before I began taking the Zoloft, so I feel comfortable saying that they aren’t correlated. I’m probably going to call my doctor later today to see about getting a low dose of something like Xanax to help me through this rough patch.

I don’t normally have a lot of anxiety, so I’m really just not certain how to handle it. It’s much more stabby and pointy than my depression usually is and I’d like some relief.

TW for food/weight:

Since I’ve been acutely anxious, I haven’t been able to eat very much. I’ve eaten pretty well today compared to the last several and I’d like to think that’s a sign I’m getting better. I want to lose weight, but not drastically, and not by hurting myself. It’s pretty frustrating to try to eat and have the smell nauseate you. =/ In other–good–news, I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight.

I got a raise, so I’m going to be making slightly more money than I had been. Otherwise, stuff at work is basically as shitty as ever.

Just figured I’d sort of let you guys know what’s up.


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