Oh my goodness, guys

So I was really hesitant to post my money-beg the other day. Growing up relatively poor instilled in me a deep discomfort with being given material things, including money. Plus the whole capitalist culture of making or breaking it by yourself, you know, all that.

But I’m desperate to feel better, so I posted with the beg anyway.

Paypal hasn’t been sending me emails (my email is the secondary one, so that’s understandable), which means I had no idea that there were donations waiting…

One of the donors said something to me about it earlier, leading me to check the Paypal site…

Where I found about $100 sitting, waiting for me to transfer to the bank.

Today was a horrifyingly shitty day for no reason, and then I checked that and I feel so much better.

I’ve been planning around my gas money and food budget, intending to only get a half-fill at first so I could actually afford it. And now I don’t really have to. Well, I’m still only going to get a half-fill for the sake of being careful with the money and spreading out the expenditure, but seriously.

I can afford my meds now and it’s a lot less likely to break me this month.

To the handful of people who pitched in: I can’t thank you enough. Not only is this helpful toward my overall goal of recovery, but you have made my day exceedingly better.

I’ll be able to get my script this week and make another huge step in the direction of recovery.


Seriously, I’m so grateful. Thank you so much.


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