Sort of getting better

My funk has somewhat broken over the last week, although it could be a temporary lift due to special circumstances, like my anniversaries.  Still, I’m not going to shrug off the opportunity.

When I start to feel bad, the “me” that is my rationality is able to kick in and say “Hey, look, you have to go do this thing. I know you feel terrible and you want to just lay in bed all day but it’s important that you get up and take steps to feel better. Take the ibuprofen you know you need to get rid of the headache. Drink water, you know you’re dehydrated.”

I still went all week without blogging and I started and couldn’t finish a blog post for Teen Skepchick. So, there’s the part where I feel like a huge disappointment, but I’m trying to ignore it and focus on Doing Things.

My brainspace is a little cluttered with indecision right now. As I’m beginning to feel better, I’m feeling the pressure of knowing I need to find a new job. It’s one of those things I need to be healthier. I don’t just want to find another job though, I want to be doing something that will help me achieve my long-term goals. But I’m not exactly sure what those are either.

So I’ve got some motivation, I’m just not sure what direction it needs to go in. And it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of beginning the journey and bearing the burden of long-term goals.

I think I’m going to hide now. *huddles under covers*


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