Menstruation (Ir)regularity

One of my Facebook buddies shared a link to a gender-neutral menstruation calculator app dealie bopper. Periods are not something I pay super close attention to because they’ve been incredibly irregular since I started having them, but I decided to check out the app and see how it works.

Starting out with the app it asks you to fill out some information like your weight, age, and average days between your periods. Since I’ve been keeping track of my menstrual cycle for several years, I decided to take the average from the last year just to see how that turns out.

So, I’ve had 7 periods since last August and the average time between them is.. wait for it…

55 days.

Haha, yes, 55 days.

And since it’s been this irregular since I started, I don’t really pay a lot of attention to it. This makes it to where I don’t have pregnancy scares and don’t get anxious when my period isn’t “on time”. There is no such thing as “on time” for me, so it’s not an issue.

Looking at my cycles for the last year, I realized that I had one in November… and then not another one until Maaaarch. And that one was eleven daaaaays.

Sooo. I kinda have this sneaking suspicion that I was pregnant and miscarried. Since I don’t pay attention to the length of time between periods, I obviously didn’t notice how late it was, and since I have depression I wouldn’t have noticed any crazy mood swings because that shit happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Looking back now, I realize that this depressive episode really kicked into gear in February/March, and I also started having my weight problems around then.

SO YEP. It seems fairly likely that I was pregnant and miscarried. Cool stuff.


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