Interesting and good news

So, this is pretty awesome: I was just looking at the post numbers from the last year or so. Before this depressive episode struck in February, I was posting 7-10 times per month. For the last several months it was half as much.

August had 8 posts though! And then September had 9!

I’m back at a fairly regular posting volume for me! Which is good.

And I’m enjoying almost everything about moving the blog over from Blogger to WordPress. I feel like I’m in a little more control over some aspects and have very limited control over other aspects, mainly involving the appearance of the site. But I’m pretty happy with this layout and if I absolutely direly need to I’ll shell out the money to make it look better. But as is, I like it.

I hope I end up with more readers and plenty of people who enjoy the more open look and feel!


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