Lifting: You work with what you have

I intend to blog after every time I lift, or nearly. I haven’t been doing great so far because my mental state has been woahcrazywhatthefuck. I was crazy anxious for a bit and now all of a sudden I’m still feeling shitty but leveling out enough to actually do shit which is fucking amazing. I will FORCE myself to feel better, if I must.

SO YEAH I’ve been working out lately. This is two pictures of my workout sheet from this week:

I didn’t do as much yesterday because I was interrupted and didn’t want to come back to it after having cooled off. Plus I’m going to be perpetually sore for a while and it’s tedious.

I wanted to show you guys the weights I use, because what the hell. I don’t have access to much of the equipment we own, so this is what I’m working with:

The things on the left are ankle weights, up to 10 lbs each. The weights in the middle are 5 lbs each, and the things on the right are wrist weights at 2 lbs each.
These things are the reason all my exercises are done at weird weights. When I curl, I have on 2 pound weights, plus I’m holding the blue things. You get the idea.
So yeah, that’s how I’m exercising! I was thinking of taking periodic near-nude photos of my progress, but I’m dressed nicely and feeling well in my current state, so I don’t want to undress just to see myself at less-than-prime condition. Sometimes you just have to avoid mirrors for your own well-being.

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