Why yes, I do

…is the answer to the question posed as the title of the previous post. I do, in fact, lift. Well, I did today. Here’s what my sheet looks like!

So, I did some of that. The intention was and is not to do every exercise every time, rather it’s best to switch it up a bit. Plus there are a couple I can’t do because we still don’t have all of our things at the apartment, including much of the exercise equipment.

In two days I will be incredibly sore, and it’ll be glorious. Not all of the weights were super high because I’m trying to ease into it and, again, we don’t have all our equipment. When I can’t lift as much weight as I’d like, I just lift really slowly, which is why some of these take several minutes.

This is a thing I’ll hopefully be doing regularly! The workout will probably need to be more intensive for me to really feel different/better afterward, but eventually I’ll get it into my head that exercising helps my ick-brain.


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