Posting for the sake of posting? Yes, I think so.

I don’t really have anything interesting to say, so I’ll just write a bunch of things I want to be doing but am not. I didn’t sleep well last night and actually left work a bit early today because of how shitty it’s making me feel, so I’m not really up for doing any of the things I’m about to list.

Work on my jewellery for Skepchick auction
Work on the transcription of one of the panels from SkepchickCon
Work on a piece of jewellery my bestie requested
Blog on a website that matters
Work on the new banner I’m making for this site (Oh yeah, that’s happening)
Fix several pairs of pants which have giant holes in them
Look for a new job
Do laundry
Do dishes

Oh wait, maybe I should actually address that last one….


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