"Mystery ‘Angel’ Priest Appears at Missouri Car Crash"

Looking through my Facebook front page, I noticed one of my family members shared an article about this. Basically, in Missouri, this car wreck happened in which a young woman was pinned in a mangled car.

This process was apparently stressful, so the woman asked for someone to pray out loud. A priest showed up, anointed her with oil and prayed over her. After the rescuers freed the woman, they went to thank the priest and he was gone.
And apparently he isn’t in any of the pictures that were taken during the event.
So people are asking if he’s an angel, thinking he’s a mystery, wondering where he came from and where he went.
My initial response to this was: Leave it to a holy man to show up after the tragedy has already occurred and leave without doing anything actually useful.

Seriously, why would anyone thank this priest for saying some words and putting oil on her? The rescuers and the woman got very lucky in that she was freed and survived (though she’s reportedly in serious condition). 

Yeah, it could be said that comfort in these situations could be helpful, but still, why are we giving this priest credit for work that he didn’t do? In fact, for doing nothing to help, keeping the rescuers from just doing their job (because I’m sure they stopped to let him pray over her), and perpetuating the false notions of religion and theism?
And why are there a bunch of ignorant people asking if he’s an angel? Oh, right, because we live in a century in which people fucking believe in angels.

**EDIT: The priest didn’t actually impede the rescue; apparently the rescue team was waiting for another team to show up with some equipment when the priest prayed.**


4 thoughts on “"Mystery ‘Angel’ Priest Appears at Missouri Car Crash"

  1. I would hope that the rescue crews let him stand to the side and provide comfort/distraction for the victim while the rescuers continued doing their actual work. From the Newsy clip it sounds like there was a lull where they were waiting for equipment so there may have been a minute or two where the priest wouldn't have been in the way. Now if there actually was a case of, "Wait on the IV fluids for a minute, I've got some holy stuff that needs doing," then that priest was a menace.


  2. 68% of americans believe that angels are real. While that's not as many as the 72% who identify as Christian, it's still a staggeringly large number of ignorant people.


  3. Yeah, apparently they had to call in a second rescue team because some equipment wasn't working properly, so there was a moment where they were waiting. So, in that sense he was being less of an obstruction, but–I would argue–no less of a menace. :D


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