How Jen McCreight is an inspiration to me

If there’s anyone who ever keeps up with my blogging and vlogging, you have probably noticed my incredible lack of participation over the last several months. (Starting in February-ish) I’ve been basically unable to put coherent thoughts together, or I want to blog in the middle of the night and publishing at that time is essentially useless, or I just have nothing particularly poignant to say, or I have no motivation to do shit. There are a lot of factors, and it makes me feel pretty guilty.

I mean, I consider myself an activist, but can I still consider myself an activist if I’m not actually being active? Not actually fighting for anyone’s rights and mostly just having pointless arguments with Degon about feminism and feminist approach? I’ve been told that I totally have the right and ability to take a break and step back without feeling guilty. Because I should be taking care of myself, right?

And then there’s Jen McCreight at Blag Hag. Jen has depression, and several months ago (forever ago, god, I don’t even remember when it was) she stopped blogging because of all the vehement hate she was getting, mostly from anti-feminist men in the skeptic movement. People were making fake accounts pretending to be her and saying sexually explicit things about her. It was all very triggering for her depression, so she decided it was best for her health to step away. I thought she might have been gone for good, but I kept my subscription to her blog on my RSS thing just in case.

And then she started blogging again.

It was pretty recent that she started blogging *regularly*, though she did have a post about Pokemon biology a few months ago. Then about a week ago (maybe two?) she put out a post about her mother and the problems they were having. She’s posted several times since then.

You know, if Jen stepped away for her health and to focus on her research, isn’t it okay if I do that, too? Maybe if I blog once in a while when I have the motivation, which isn’t often?

Jen came back.

So maybe so can I?


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