Home from CONvergence!

We’ve been home since about one-ish? I had a delirious half-nap earlier and I’m quite tired, since we woke up yesterday morning at like seven. We’re staying up until an appropriate bed time in order to wake up for work tonight. :p bleh

I don’t write enough; it’s one of many problems I’ve allowed to continue for way too long. So even though I’m incredibly tired and my thoughts have been increasingly difficult to organize coherently, and I keep typo’ing, I figured I’d post something.

In short, CONvergence was a blast. I met some cool people and saw some of my friends (many of whom I met at last year’s CON). I got lots of hugs and met Caitlin Blackwood (baby Amy Pond). Degon came with me and got to meet a lot of my buddies, effectively putting names to faces.

I made a pretty important promise to get better, both to myself and Degon. I’m going to do everything I can to keep it.

There’s an adorable kitty in my lap, who missed me. They’re both being so sweet right now.

I’m pretty upset that I have to go to work tonight. Throughout the weekend, I was pretty casual about my plans to quit my job. It seems like it’s fairly-well decided that I need to find a new job quickly. It’s just the healthier decision at this point.

There were some shitty moments, as is to be expected with the depression. And we missed some things I would rather have caught. But overall the good outweighs the bad and I’m going to remember it well.

I may have planted a seed for blogging at FTB someday, but part of me (depression-brain or not) is pretty certain that it’s going to be a forgotten notion. I suppose it seems counterintuitive to try blogging at FTB if I haven’t been blogging at TS or Queereka. It’s hard to describe, but basically I don’t feel like I have the proper structure or voice to blog at a group thing like Skepchick network sites. I guess I feel like there’s a standard of professionalism and non-personalism that I can’t live up to on a regular basis. Meh. I dunno. (I’m also, honestly, kind of done being a “blogger at Teen Skepchick”).

So yeah, I’m glad to be home. Love my kitties, love my Degon. Glad he came with me. Look forward to next year and/or the next time I get to see any of my skeptics.

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