Random Work Convos And Thoughts on Age

Aw, I missed my blog getting 5000 hits! Oh well, I hardly check this thing. No wonder I miss momentous moments like that.

So yeah, last night I got to work and was hanging around while second shift finished counting down their drawers and stuff. I’m pretty friendly with a few of the dudes who work there, and I was chatting with this guy Danny whose birthday was Thursday.

Here’s the conversation, mostly just by my memory.

Me: Oh, happy belated birthday!
Danny: Oh thanks!
Me: How old are you now?
Danny: Iii dunno, guess.
It occurs to me that I’ve definitely talked about Danny’s age before, so I guessed correctly the first try.
Danny: Gah!
Various banter about me ruining the fun by guessing correctly the first try. :p
Me: You should try to guess my age.

Several minutes of other stuff going on.
Me: Not even going to throw out a number?
Danny: Mmm… 26?
Me: Is that a legitimate guess? [I was surprised.]
Danny: Well not with that kind of response!

Yeah, I’m actually 19. I told Danny my proper age and that I was flattered by his guess, which seemed to surprise him. He remarked that I’m the only girl evar to be flattered at an overestimation in age.

First of all, not a girl. (I wonder if he understood what I meant when I said that… I don’t recall telling him I’m genderqueer.) Also I’m not so obsessed with my youthful appearance that I’ll be upset when I do start to look older. And people always guess my age as higher than it is, just no one’s ever priced it that high. I actually was flattered. :p

You see, most of my problems with age have been me being seriously underestimated or assumed to be stupid/irresponsible due to the number of years I’ve been alive. Being seen as younger is a bad thing for me, thanks to conditioning. Mostly before I became an adult, my age was a marker by which I was judged by others and when they found how young I was they treated me differently.

I inquired as to why he guessed so high, and he told me it confuzzled him that I get a lot of pop culture references from his childhood (he’s nearly ten years older than me). Apparently also me being “really smart” (or super smart or something) throws it off, which is generally the most common reason people guess I’m older. (Which says some interesting things about how most people view the young.)

If I’m anything like my dad, when I actually do get to 26, people will guess younger or about that age. My skin will probably be taut for a while. But I won’t be upset when I finally do show signs of age. I’ve looked at myself smiling lately and I know for a fact I’ll have plenty of lines creased in my skin; from laughter, from smiling, from crying too hard to see. And I’m totally okay with that. These developments in my appearance will do nothing but tell the story of how I’ve lived my life.

Laughter lines are attractive anyway.


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