A Year at EZ-GO

First of all, the name of my store amuses me a little. My involvement in the online atheist community has introduced me to people around the globe–I have New Zealand friends, for example. Who say ‘zed’ when they see the letter Z. On first glance, one of those people might misread the store name as ee-zed-go. It’s not. It’s meant to be easygo. But still amusing.

So yeah, this is my first actual job with taxes and a schedule and stuff. I’ve stuck it through for a year; my one-year EZ-GOversary (as I’m calling it) is tomorrow, the seventh. It wasn’t expected that I was going to make it to a year, since Degon and I had plans to travel. But plans fall through, then you sign 16-month leases. What can you do.

Looking back on the year makes me want to write about some of the experiences I’ve had in this job. Not necessarily specific events, but just general stuff happening.

I spent months wrecking my body trying to get used to working at night. Now it’s totally normal for my brain. Midnight for you guys is mid-morning for me. (If you are in similar timezones.)

Either late summer or early fall, one of my two shift-sharing coworkers flipped out on me three days in a row, which was really shocking. I found out much later that it was a deliberate and planned event. The purpose is still unknown. I find that, lately, it’s more and more obvious that they are friends and they do not like me.

However! I’m pretty certain one of them is quitting, so I might have a newbie here in a few weeks. Hoping it’s a younger person that I’ll have something in common with.

But still, it makes work a drag to have the feeling that your immediate coworkers dislike you. Little uncomfortable. Makes me want to switch to days, if that were more of an option.

There are people I like though. There’s a bit of overlap when I get there at night when all the people on second are counting down and getting ready to leave, and I find several of them pretty amusing to talk to. Not so much with first shift in the mornings, but meh.

I’ve been passed up for promotion for three positions I tried for. If I had realized we were staying, I would have easily gotten promoted last fall, but alas I did not. Things are getting a little monotonous, but again if fuckfacelady quits then things will be shaken up a bit.

It’s strange to have been there so long, because so many people are working there who weren’t there when I started. Most of second shift, with the exception of a long-time manager and a guy who was hired at the same time as me, is comprised of people who started months after I did. (And one of said people got promoted over me…)

I know a lot more than I did when I started. I’m much better at small-talk and making phone calls. (I have anxiety with making phone calls, dunno why.) I’ve taken pride in my ability to handle new situations, to keep things clean, to be considerate of my fellow employees. I’m usually willing to come in on nights I’m not scheduled or to slightly adjust my sleep schedule to help during the day. (That hasn’t happened until two weeks from now x.x)

My job isn’t the most satisfying or the most interesting, and it often leaves me too tired to do much when I get home. Well, that and the depression. Which sucks a lot right now. But it’s getting better. Anyway, it’s not the greatest, but it has its highlights. I’m usually not miserable while I’m there, at least not for directly work-related reasons. I’m paid well and have some benefits, I’m able to live comfortably. I think I’ll be a lot happier with what I do for money when I’m more able to functionally use my non-work-time productively.

And I might still be working there in August 2014 when my lease expires. I have no idea what we’re doing after that and I’m content to not think about it. Meantime, life is pretty okay. And ‘okay’ is enough.


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