I had a birthday

Yes, Wednesday was my birthday. I’m now 19, which is fun to think to myself. “Hi, I’m Luxander and I’m 19 years old now!” We didn’t really do a whole lot, I worked Tuesday night and spent my evening (i.e. Wednesday morning) just hanging out with Chris. My best friend Kate Jack came over after we woke up in the evening, he stayed the night and then we went downtown to walk around and look at stuffs.

Overall, not super eventful. Not super great, but not horribleawfulbad.

I bought myself a Logitech G510 gaming keyboard, with all kinds of customization and macro keys and USB ports and volume/play control. Oh, and a heads-up display that I’ll be using for omgidkwut. Most of the time it just shows the time and date, when/if I get back into WoW it’ll probably be used as a stat-display in PVP.

Jack bought me Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD (as requested–he’s a keeper) and a box of gourmet cupcakes, which are all decadent and delicious.

Chris and I are going to my dad’s later on today, where I’ll be getting henna put all up on my hair. It will be pretty colours again :3

We got the keys to our new apartment Friday morning, and we’ll be inching our way into living there over the next week or two. Chris doesn’t want to actually sleep there until we’ve got internet set up, which is a fair point. It’s a nice two-bedroom with plenty of space and room for storage. (We have a walk-in closet in our bedroom, ah!) I’ll be taking a video tour through there at some point and post it up for peeps to see.

I don’t really have a ton to say right now, but I haven’t been blogging and I need to get back into it. I’ve been slacking a lot (as in, missing several weeks at a time) on writing for the blogs I contribute to, so once again this is me easing in on my personal blog. I’ve had a couple people tell me lately they’ve thought about starting one but don’t know what they’d write about, so since my advice is ‘blurb about whatever’, I figured I should do that.

So yeah. Birthday. I’m really sad about lots of stuff that I may or may not write extensively about. But hopefully things will get better. I think for a while it’s just going to be worse and worse for me, but it’s hard to tell.

Oh yeah, the company I work for just bought a couple other gas stations on the same highway that we’ll be assimilating. The closest new one is going to have an assistant manager position open, and I’m going to apply. It’s an awesome opportunity and I think it’ll be easy to get it. Simultaneously, leaving my current store sounds like the worst thing I could do to myself right now, but it’ll be at least a month before any of that gets really going, so we’ll see how things are.

Still alive, if barely. My brain-space has been full of ick for a while. Over the years I’ve developed a tendency to let what’s happening in my head blot out sensory information; it makes time pass more easily and I’m the kind of person who’s introspective anyway. Lately I’ve been having to do the opposite, letting the sensory information fill up the brain space so I can’t think of any of the painful things going on. So it’s hard to churn out writing when I literally am trying not to think too much.

Jealous of all the people at AAcon, but hoping they all have a ton of fun. Maybe I’ll get to go next year :]

Things are sort of on the up-and-up, even if I don’t really feel like it. Eventually I’ll start to feel better and won’t spontaneously start crying so hard I can’t breathe. Promise I’ll be okay.


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