Lol Passive-Aggressive Family

The last thing I wrote on here with any substance was a big long post with screencaps of how condescending and passive-aggressive my maternal family can be.

So, one of the things my grandmother said in that final email to me was that she’s letting me go. Which I assume means that she’s breaking off contact, so I didn’t respond to that correspondence. Instead, I blogged about it here. Yesterday was my birthday, and I got another email from her! I was so surprised.


Again, the shit makes me laugh.

First of all, she said she was letting me go, and that was the thought that popped in my head as soon as I saw the email in my inbox. That she said it in the opening line cracked me up.

She mentioned double-standards, people having the right to believe what they choose, and considering what other people think. But, she doesn’t provide any substance for what she’s talking about. Is she speaking to Jessica’s view that I’m not able to make good decisions in life? Who knows. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion and can believe what they want, but not all opinions deserve to be respected. And I think opinions rooted in disrespect deserve it least of all.

We can disagree with each other, sure. We have that right. We don’t have the right to tell each other what to think, she’s correct on that point as well. However, I absolutely have the right to publicly laugh in the face of outright rudeness and passive-aggressive attempts to belittle me. I chose to blog about it because the indignity of calling me rude in this situation is ludicrous, and because I assume “I’m letting you go” is a good sign to not contact that person in the future.

Moreover, I don’t care what she could possibly have to say to any of the things I’ve written here, or any of the things I may have said directly to her. She’s entitled to her opinions, but I’m not obligated in any way to be anything more than blatantly apathetic to them.

“Your infinite wisdom” Sure, thanks, passive-aggressive sarcasm.

‘Happy birthday, I’m telling you to fuck off in as many indirect ways as possible.’

What she’s saying about choosing our parents doesn’t make any sense without context; she believes that our souls reside in this other dimension and we choose our parents and the type of life we want to live so we can have certain human experiences. I’m sure she read about it somewhere, but I don’t know where it was or why she believes this. What she’s implying is that I chose to be born to my shitty, abusive mother and then snidely compares me to her (indirectly, again) and told me I chose the negative attributes to incorporate into my person. Once again, attempt to undermine and belittle me.

It always feels like throwing the word ‘evolve’ in there in these types of conversations is just meant to be a buzz-word trying to trick me into thinking she knows what the fuck about science. It didn’t work.

Thank THE CREATOR. This statement is imposing, as what she’s implying is that I was created by the creator as well, regardless of what I believe. And that I might evolve, thanks to the creator.

So sad to be heartbroken. Nooo fucks given. And yes, I’m blogging about it again, instead of going to the source. Again, I don’t really care what any of them have to think. The number of times I think about this shit is surprisingly little compared to the number of times I think about, oh, I don’t know, the colour and weight of certain species of owl? Point being, fucking never.

I have a difficult time making decisions. I don’t always stand by those decisions later down the road, but I know what I’m doing when I make them. And sure, those decisions may turn out to be mistakes, but that doesn’t give one adult the right to tell another adult how to live their life without backlash or repercussion. Doesn’t give anyone the right to be rude and expect pixies and daffodils in return.

More on other stuff later, sorry for being absent for so long. Maybe having my shiny new Logitech G510 will make me want to blog more. I am thoroughly enjoying these keys.


One thought on “Lol Passive-Aggressive Family

  1. Although I already told you to fuck off, I do feel guilty about that much of the time. I just can't deal with people who don't agree with me on everything. Everyone must believe the same basic things, including you. Imagine giving in and believing the exact same things I believe. I think you are wrong, and I don't think you should have the right to disagree with me or the right to remain non-confrontational. And because you are a child and know nothing, you need to shut up and listen to what I say, and we all need to do what we are told to do by someone else. I hope you convert to my belief system someday. Then I won't have to keep sending messages like this one. So, "happy birthday" to you, or whatever. And my confusing "gift" to you is that we either literally choose our parents out of the people in our lives or that our souls somehow choose which empty baby carcasses to fill before being born, but either way we do this to make sure we end up with people we align with in all ways. And, in the same way I've been insulting your intelligence for years, your parents are terrible people and you are a perfect copy of the worst of them. The good news is that we all "evolve", just like when you give a Thunder Stone to Pikachu and he turns into Raichu–you know, someone crams their indoctrination down your throat until you submit. Thank My God for that, amirite?!? Good luck with your stupid life. "Love", your passive-aggressive and unfortunate maternal grandmother.


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