Disappeared for a few days, there

You guys probably know at this point that when I feel fine, I blog regularly because my brain actually has space to contemplate lots of things and eloquently put those thoughts into words. This has been an increasingly weird and difficult couple weeks, this week being particularly weird and difficult.

There’s been some high adrenaline, which leads very easily to anxiety attacks. I’ve been on-and-off borderline-anxiety-attack for most of the week. I don’t have a lot to say about much stuff, but I’m still trying to pump out posts for TS and Queereka. (Actually I need to focus and write one for TS today before it’s the end of the week.)

My personal blog is often neglected during these times, and I can understand it being worrisome, but I promise I’m okay.

Also my powerpoint is not finished for my talk which I’m giving a week from tomorrow. Yeah, I’m a procrastinator in every rendition of anything I do, ever. And I still pull out awesome work. Deal with it.

So anyway, more details on stuff later. Probably. Definitely not feeling it right now, but you know how it goes.

Thanks for missing me~


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