Near-Future Computer Enhancements

Every so-often, my computer needs an upgrade or a good cleaning and I have to shuffle things around in there. Chris bought a new video card yesterday since he’s been severely lacking in that respect, and I decided to grab his old video card to give each of my monitors its own dedicated GPU.

For some reason, nothing pisses me off faster and more thoroughly than attempting to get my computer to do things when it doesn’t want to. And being crammed under my desk. And my elbows getting fucked up on carpet.

So, it’s always a frustrating process, but I’m always happy with the results. I had to switch both video cards around a bit until I got everything fitting together well. I decided to take the time to move the back fan to the front, since it has a blue LED and I want that light away from my components so I can see the blue on my motherboard.
Although this seems to be working really well, it is unfortunately very very hot. My current fans aren’t doing well enough, and things are getting a bit too cramped to allow for good circulation anyway. When I power down for bed here in a minute, I’m going to remove the secondary video card to prevent serious heat damage in the future.
This problem still needs a solution though, because my primary GPU does get a bit hot trying to run a dual-monitor setup with gaming and video and occasional video editing (which I didn’t realize was so intensive until reading about stuff today).
I think the best solution is to acquire a water-cooling kit, and eventually get my primary GPU and CPU their own separate waterblocks. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out and install, and it will significantly increase the lifespan of my computer.
I also have this awesome idea to put riboflavin or something in the cooling liquid and place a blacklight somewhere in my case (I don’t know if the low-level radiation would be harmful to my components, I’d have to research this) so that the tubes are glowy. It would look super cool.
My case is clear-blue plexiglass, the fan on the front has a blue LED, there’s a green LED next to the power button, there’s a red power button on the motherboard which is mostly black with blue heat sinks on it. This whole thing would look totally badass with three or four glowing tubes in there.
Might be a bit expensive. This might be something that waits until after we do Ren Fest this year.

5 thoughts on “Near-Future Computer Enhancements

  1. Instead of putting an expensive liquid cooling system in, you could just get a better video card that can run two monitors without difficulty. Also, make sure that all your fans are facing the right direction. You'd be surprised at how often the rear case fan has been installed backwards so that it's drawing air inside the case instead of expelling the hot air. Air should flow in the front, pushed past components, and out the back.


  2. My primary video card does run two monitors really well–it was an expensive piece of equipment. However, it's getting a bit old and I'd like to extend its life if possible by taking as much strain off of it as possible.The fans *were* a bit wonky when I got it, but I've rearranged them so many times that I'm fairly certain I know what direction they're supposed to face… And I'm pretty sure the front one is intake and the other three are out. Hopefully.The location of the intake fan compared to the video card makes me feel like most of the air gets blown *under* the video card and misses my processor completely, but I may just be paranoid. There's not really a better place for it though, since its GPU and fan location prevent it from being closer to the bottom of the case.


  3. The main video card is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 and the smaller one is Nvidia Geforce GT 610. And the processor is an Intel Core i7 which apparently is one of the quad-core ones which is threaded in such a way that the computer reads it as 8. It's a lot of pretty high-end equipment and it all generates a lot of heat.


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