Amazing Spouse-Time

I suppose I should start blogging regularly. There is definitely not enough hatemail coming my way, and it makes me feel like a bad activist for not having haters. :p Definitely need to write regularly to keep in shape and make myself feel better and get attention.

WHELP this is still my personal blog, so allow me to flail for a moment because my husband is a superdupertastic awesome person. Most recently, I told him how I feel about having boobs and where I stand on mastectomy.

I inquired as to his opinion on the subject a few days later. He told me (that I knew) he would obviously prefer otherwise, but that it wouldn’t be relationship-ending. Especially since it would make me happier.

So, I’m loved by an amazing, super, awesometastic guy who I consistently underestimate and misunderstand. I’m getting much better though, and he’s obviously able to evolve, usually in a direction consistent with having an awesome relationship. I have no objectivity to whether or not my behaviour has changed (much less improved) any throughout our relationship, but I’d like to think I’m being a better spouse now that I don’t feel like crap all the time.


(Every time I do that, it starts out sounding like a squee [in my head] and then becomes GLaDOS saying ‘Wheeee’ in Portal.)


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