Thought Experiment About Boobs

It seems like the biggest problem I have involving whether or not I want to keep my boobs is not knowing if I can still be attractive. Pansexual people or somebody might find me more attractive for removing them, but the main concern is that I have a husband. Who likes boobies. I’m never really sure how it would effect the dynamic of our relationship.

Secondary concerns include loss of sensitivity, possibly regretting it later (for whatever reason), not liking how it looks.

I had this big long post planned about how I don’t know how to be attractive without implementing teh boobz. Instead, I just had this super awesome idea about doing a thought experiment on the subject that I’d like to try.

I’m going to imagine a scenario in which all of the factors go wrong. Worst situation (or close to): Feeling is lost, scarring is particularly graphic, it not only makes my husband find me unattractive, but destroys our relationship and thus causes me to regret it very much. Would I get a mastectomy if I knew in advance that all these things would happen? Probably not.

I could play around with various combinations of factors, but I don’t really want to. Let’s jump to the other end of the impossible extremes!

Everything goes right: I have some, if not most of my original sensitivity. Scarring minimal, perhaps a slight-if-not-negligible effect on my marriage, and being generally pleased with my appearance. Would I do it then? Fuck yeah. However, this is not the case, and I have a lot of figuring to do before I make a final call on this.

I think I can safely say that losing sensitivity is an acceptable risk. Scarring, however disfiguring, is also something I’m okay with. If I lost my marriage, that would be a definite NO. If it strongly impacted my relationship, I’d lean toward ‘no’; if the damage were impactful but not incessantly present, I could probably handle that. If it just felt wrong like having boobs feels wrong sometimes (though I can’t imagine this happening), I would really regret doing it. I can’t really know any of this stuff in advance.

Maybe someday I’ll look into it a bit more. That’s an adventure that Future Me gets to handle.


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