Comments Out of Context

“I’m a big believer in karma,” he said. “You don’t put on a dress when the Titanic is going down so you can get in the first lifeboat.”

Okay, so how fucked up is it that ‘women and children first’ was ever a thing? I mean, I understand the ‘children’ part, but once you get to adults, why the fuck are teh menz supposed to let the ladies go first? Men are less valuable? More likely to survive?



2 thoughts on “Comments Out of Context

  1. I don't know… this may be one of the more sensible things Teh Patriarchy ever came up with. When the survivors eventually get to shore and need to start a new society, having fewer men guarantees less trouble, and the women are going to do all the work anyway. But seriously, it is a fascinating term and has a specific origin (in 1852 or 62, can't remember) when a particular boat sunk that had only a few women/children on it. It became part or British sea law in response to the fact that the Brits let sailing ships travel with too few life boats, and a "moral guideline" was needed for the eventuality of a skinking. There's more to it; Ship's crew are last and ship's officers are last-last. This makes sense because it's their ship so it's their fault it is sinking, I suppose.As far as survival goes, there is some evidence that in cold waters women are more likely to survive over several hours than men, so actually, women should get into the sea with life vests and hold onto the outside of the boats. The argument has been made that the chivalrous treatement of women such as "women and children first" was part of the justification for women not having equal standing in society, in courts, in voting, etc. So that's the upside for men, they control politics and society but when the boat sinks they go down to Davy Jone's locker. Watership Down. As it were.


  2. not to mention the women being more likely to drown with all that fabric to weigh them down. amiright? and of course, as Greg said, to start a new society it's always better to have more women than men so that it can be repopulated faster. bleh.


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