Random Thoughts on Accent

I’m really really glad that I’m not from someplace in the South, because if I were the same person otherwise, I would hate having the accent. Kate D somehow doesn’t have a Texas accent, so she’s an example of something involving not having an accent but still being from the south.

As it stands, I don’t like certain aspects of the way I speak. For example, I drop the ‘g’ off of most words ending in i-n-g. It’s not intentional; I can probably make it stop if I want to. It’s just that the eeeeng sound that comes out instead emphasizes the little female voice I have. (Mornin’! vs Morneeng!)

I’m also generally not pleased with having an American accent. Every time I imagine having a conversation with the Doctor and having to call him ‘dock-terrr’ rather than ‘dawk-tuh’ it embarrasses the hell out of me. IT’S FINE WHEN JACK HARKNESS DOES IT BUT NOT ME.

But then if I tried to use a different accent it would sound fucking terrible and obvious and fake. It’ll probably sound that way for a while as I attempt to quash the rebellion of the ‘g’. I WILL BE TRIUMPHANT.


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