I feel totally dumb for breaking it in the first place. I was using the torch and left it on too long, so something overheated and is now totally fucked.

Basically, it will turn on and show you the htc screen and then does nothing else. Ever. Removing the battery and putting it back in is the only way to reset it. It will load the boot screen with options for factory reset, etc., but also stays on the htc screen indefinitely when you try to boot.


Going to give it to my dad next weekend to see if he can save it.

And I totes can’t afford to buy a new phone. I literally have $15 in the bank and don’t get paid until Friday. /crycrycry

And the backup phone I’m using is incredibly frustrating. It has an incredibly insensitive touch-screen, no real ability to use the data, poor quality camera, SO MANY THINGS. It’s really annoying.

Okay, I’m done bitching now. I need to do dishes but I’ll probably just play video games.


One thought on “/bitch

  1. Ok, yes, I'm going to look at your phone and attempt the impossible–full resurrection. I believe there is only an 8% chance of success, so no getting hopes up on this little project.To that end, as an Android user, there is no reason why you can do what I made Josie do…make an account over at xda-developers.com, find the appropriate forum, and see if you can figure out how to get your computer to talk to your phone. She actually did just that, and was able to root her phone, install ClockworkMod Recovery, back it up, and was ready to install a custom ROM (if one had existed at that time). I believe anyone can do these things if they are patient, attentive to detail, and willing to get their metaphorical hands dirty.Honestly, how do you people think I learned this stuff? Trial, meet error. Discuss.


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