A Guide to Pronouns

If anyone has ever wondered exactly how to deal with pronouns and gendered words when speaking to me, look no further and wonder no more. I’m happy to provide all you peeps with the ways I prefer to be addressed, since I’m genderqueer and that’s confusing sometimes.

UPDATED AS OF AUGUST 15TH, 2013: I used to be mostly okay with the use of feminine pronouns, but I recently changed my mind and decided I want to use neutral ones. They/them/their is already built into our language and easily used, so those are the ones I want to go with.

I’m not *requiring* anyone to make the change, but I will probably be a little butthurt if you know I prefer not to use feminine ones and you keep doing that. I don’t expect everyone to explain gender-neutral pronouns all the time, so I won’t hold it against you if you stick with femme to avoid unnecessary conflict.

With nouns, I would prefer not to have strongly feminine ones used in reference to me. If a neutral alternative is available, use it, or default to the masculine.
actor > actress
person > girl/woman
spouse > wife
dude, guy > lady (hopefully you understand the context of use for these words)

Please don’t ever:
Call me ‘miss’ especially “Miss Elly”
Call me “ma’am”

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll be adding to and updating this if/when I think of more things or my opinion changes. :D


3 thoughts on “A Guide to Pronouns

  1. I refer to my son (he's 2.8 years old) as "she" in the morning and by the end of the day he's a "he." I have no idea why I do that.I will try very hard to remember to avoid "Miss Elly" or even "Miss Ellie"


  2. That's pretty interesting. I wonder what causes it… My youngest sibling is 4 and has varying answers when you ask her whether she's a boy or girl. We default to female pronouns because she's too young to tell us to do otherwise. Well.. lol 'Ellie' is wrong anyway because I've never spelled my name that way… Everyone initially tries to use that spelling, though. Apparently it was a name BEFORE I came up with it. :p


  3. I was thinking about it again today. It is possible that my entire family is more female in the morning and male in the evening. Maybe we should get a pet and see what happens to that. Blue Headed Wrasse. Yes, we'll get a tank of Blue Headed Wrasses!


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