Stuff and Junk

I haven’t been blogging much lately–on any site. Just been lacking in motivation to do much. I figured I should ease back into blogging by writing stuff on my personal blog. I’ve had random ideas and Stuff Happening, so I’ve got a little to actually say.

First off, I broke my phone. Left the flashlight on too long and now it won’t finish booting. I’ve tried to finagle with it with no success, so I have to buy a new phone. Dooon’t even know where to start with that. x.x My backup phone is a dinosaur and I can’t find the charger.

I want new clooooothes! Specifically, this vest. I can’t really afford this, especially since I need to look into buying phones. Chris is going to be getting more things he needs for riding his motorcycle. Woe is a life that propagates anxiety about money.

I have some brewing ideas about career choices. Working on narrowing it down to one specific area.

Thinking about my mom a lot lately, will probably write about her.

Chris and I had a bigbig conversation about a week ago, and I feel a lot better about our relationship as a result. I’m still pretty sore about a couple things, but overall it’s good.

Specifically, we still differ GREATLY about my body, in terms of him being attracted to how it is now and me not wanting boobs/having other various dysphorias. However, I consider the mastectomy to be a possible option later on, and I think it would actually lead to me wearing tighter, more flattering clothes. I do typically prefer feminine clothes, or at least the options available, but I don’t like that wearing them enhances my feminine characteristics. If my body were genderqueer, with a mix of secondary sex characteristics, I could just wear whatever clothes I wanted without worrying about being seen as a woman.

I still want some more comfortable dude clothes though.

Next week is my appointment to hopefully get pills! Excited about that.

And otherwise, nothing going on. Will be writing in my typical fashion of picking a topic for the next several, since there’s not much actively going on to discuss.


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