My Name, Part 4/5: "Fluxa"

I recently put a sticky-note on my monitor that simply says “You’re going to die.” It seems like a brutal thing to put where I can see it all the time, but I am going to die someday. What better motivator to do something worthwhile with my time than reminding myself that “YOLO”? (Lol, and here I am blog-posting on my personal blog and not a more constructive blog.)

While pondering the fact that I’ll someday die and that I’m okay with it, but want to be productive, the word ‘fleeting’ crossed my mind.

To the Google translator! This is honestly how I’ve been working on names. I pick a word that I’d love to have in my name and translate it into several different languages to see if any of the words can be reconstructed. Several of the words in other languages for “fleeting” were interesting. Variations on “ephemeral” and “transient” are fun.

The first word that pops up for Latin is “fluxa”. This caught my attention because I frequently refer to myself as fluxxy (being pansexual and genderqueer/fluid). It also has the meaning that I’m looking for–fleeting, brief, short-lived.

I really don’t like names that begin with f, though. Take that off and there’s “Luxa”. Luxander? FLEETING MAN.

From Luxander, I could go by Lux or Xan, both fucking awesome, single-syllabic nicknames. Would still be comfortable going by Elly as well. Xan always seems kinda feminine to me, because it’s usually an Alexandra/ria that goes by it, and of course there’s Zhaan from Farscape.

Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan

I’m a bigbig fan of Lux. At least, right this moment. Xan is pretty amazing, even though it reminds me of femininity (I could easily get over this). So yeah, another idea to kick around.


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