My Name, Part 3/5: Lysander

So, we’ve pretty firmly established that I don’t like my first or middle name. The solution to this problem, of course, is to change my name. :D

I really like Lysander (lie-zan-dur). However, I don’t like most of the nicknames that come from it. Nicknames are core to this decision. I could do Ly, Andy, Zander, Sandy. Basically any nickname you can possibly get from Lysander isn’t preferable for me.

Random side note: I’ve been watching a lot of Bo Burnham’s work lately. If you don’t know who he is, I recommend looking him up if you’re fairly well-read and appreciate satire. And sex comedy. And irony. Anyway, I find myself incredibly jealous of his short nickname (his legal name is Robert) and find myself drawn to the idea of a single syllabic nickname.

I’m a huge dork and Doctor Who fan. I therefore thought it would be interesting to use some combination of the words ‘bad wolf’ in whatever languages to put a name together. The Greek word for ‘wolf’ is lykos, Lysander is Greek. Thus was born ‘Lykander’.

This name is stuck in my head. I’m not exactly sure if it fits me. It might make a good middle name, though. Reasons why this name is awesome: It mostly keeps a name that I like, adding the geek element, and giving me better nickname options.

Lyko, Lyka, Andy, Kander. Hell, I may even go by Lykander at some point. Oh, and it starts with L-Y, so I’m still perfectly comfortable with being called Elly. (Reminder: I don’t hate Elly. It’s not perfect, but it’s familiar and comfortable.) The downside is that there’s not much for single-syllabic nicknames. “Lyk” sounds weird either way you could think to pronounce it.

It’s an idea I’m stuck on. Most other words in various languages for ‘bad’ and ‘wolf’ are weird for names, have obvious meanings, or are generally not what I want. Most of my perusals through Greek, Roman, Celtic, Gaelic, etc. male/unisex names yield little results, even without specific search parameters. I’m still not quite sure if it’s going to stick–hence the “Part 3/?”. I have no clue how many more names I’ll be excited to share. :)


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