My Name, Part 2/5: Elizabeth

Woah, now the whole internets knows that my first name is legally Elizabeth! Let me clarify: I hate this name. As applying to me, that is. I don’t mind it as a name in general. So, please don’t call me Elizabeth. I’m trusting you with this one, Internet.

Growing up, I was Liz. (Again, Internet, trusting you.) Also Lizzy, Lizard, depending on the family member.

When I was 12, I started going by Elli. I gained an appreciation for my legal name around this time, due to its versatility. Elizabeth is full of options. It’s also really pretty in cursive–this has honestly been a factor at times. It was a fairly smooth transition, all-around.

I came out as trans when I was 15, and started going by Aethan. I got this name from Jonathan, which would have been my name, according to my mother, had I been born a boy. I chose Lysander as my middle name. It’s Greek and means “one who is freed”. At the time, I read it more literally as “freeing a man”.

This was not as smooth of a transition. I didn’t get hurt or anything, I just had friends and family members who didn’t understand. My dad championed on my behalf against his parents. My mother frequently referred to me as ‘Elizabeth’ during this time.

Then, I decided to “go for it” with Chris, and went back to Elli. At some point in the last three years, I’ve changed the spelling.

I’m fairly comfortable with Elly. I like it; however, it would not make the list of possibles, were I looking at feminine names. It’s still not really ‘right’, but I can live with it for now.


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