My Name Part 1/5: Pemberton

I was planning on talking about something totally different, and then I realized that these needed to be split up a bit to keep things brief and coherent.

Pemberton is my last name. I’ve been pretty neutral toward it for most of my life; I always figured I’d end up changing it when I got married. Lately, I’m asking myself questions like “Why do I want to change my name when I get married?” “Why do I always phrase that question as ‘when I get married’?”

At first I thought I liked it because it attaches me to my dad. He’s actually changing his because he doesn’t like its affiliation with his dad. When I found that out, I stopped thinking about it for a while.

One of the commenters on my post about marriage on Teen Skepchick asked me if I had any of my own attachment to my name. Turns out, the answer to this question is: yes.

The rest of my name feels alien to me (will discuss in later parts), but Pemberton is not. It’s hard to describe exactly how it relates to my identity, but it seems basic, like how having blue eyes is an unchangeable, basic, important thing about me being me. EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE SOMETIMES GREENER. Whatever.

In summary, I like my last name. If I get married, I’ll be keeping it. I will be changing the rest of my name regardless of whether or not I marry.


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