CONvergence 2012!

Okay, it’s been several days, but I think I finally have time to sit down and write a bit about SkepchickCON.

We got in at about 5pm, much much earlier than I had anticipated. We visited the apocalypse panel, met a super super creepy kid, and generally awkwarded around the Skepchick party room.

The Dr. Horrible Sing Along was this night, and it was amazing. The gigantic room was packed. Lots of people would speak with some of the more memorable lines. “Because the status.. is NOT.. quo..” I was a little disappointed at how few people were singing Felicia Day’s parts. I assume it’s partially that I couldn’t hear people, and I can’t blame a lot of them for clinging to the protagonists’s lines. I used my femmy-femme voice to harmonize.

It cut out DURING THE MONOLOGUE RIGHT BEFORE THE CLIMAX OF THE WHOLE MOVIE. Most of the room kept singing for a minute, but lost the timing. A few minutes in the dark, and it was back up. Overall a very pleasant experience.

There were delicious pancakes and foods to be had at a gluten free pancake-house, which I cannot remember the name of and am too lazy to look up. Regardless, it was yum.

The first anything we did at the CON was see the Don’t Feed the Trolls panel. I live-tweeted through most of it. Lots of interesting things were said, and lots of good advice was given. (It’s not Don’t feed the trolls. That’s terrible advice.) I talked to Rebecca for a moment afterward about WoW and Blizzard and what to do when dealing with groups of trolls and how to deal with my growing dissatisfaction with Blizzard’s PR abilities.

We dropped in on “The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim” and left after finishing our coffees. Headache waiting to happen.

Lots of unaccounted-for time was spent in the Vendor room. Pics when I’m less lazy. Or you can just look at them on Facebook.

Stopped by the SWTOR panel. I’ve now downloaded the client for the trial and just need to let it patch at some point…

Sushi was delicious.

Evolution and the Female Orgasm was an amazing, hilarious panel. PZ, Rebecca, Heina, and Greg all had great input (Rebecca mostly jokes from her bunny-costume). The main point was whether or not female orgasms are adaptive. I’m of the opinion that they probably occur as a result of selection for male orgasms.

This night, Dev went back to the hotel before me. I was being awkward-time, and decided I’d attempt to provoke conversation by going outside to smoke. It worked. Twice. Random, brief conversations with people having a cigarette. I think I’m becoming a mastermind of social interaction.

This day is the most memorable day for me. Ugh, I am so disappointed in how late we got out-and-about. Next year I’ll have to be more steadfast in waking up early enough not to miss things I want to see. CONFUSING SENTENCES.

Anyway, went to The Chilling Effect of Climate Change Denialism. Learned about denialist thinking in general.

The Ancient Aliens debate was laughable. The ‘pro-aliens’ side thought it was going to be a discussion and not a formal debate. It was pitiful.

Saturday evening, we were poking around the party room again. Somehow, I actually joined a conversation, which eventually decided that we needed to find a place to dance. So, we started a dance party at someone else’s party room because they were playing loud music. :p Then we moved to the rave room, and I stole Mel’s driver’s license in the process.

That part was pretty freakin’ amazing. Then several hours chatting on the balcony of the party room. All the old-enough-to-drink people went out there and I sat on the couch in the room. Someone was good enough to notice and Kammy decided that everyone could be responsible enough to not let me drink. As it turns out, someone did keep trying to hand me test-tubes with the rest of the group I sat with, but Mindy gave ’em a good smackdown.

I barely slept!!!

Pitifully helped carry one box from the Skepchick room to someone’s car. Sat in on the Squid panel and learned lots of things I didn’t know before about cephalopods and mollusks.

Stood around for a while chatting outside the vendor room, then spoke on a panel. It went AMAZINGLY. I was complimented by several people afterwards; apparently I have a talent for speaking in front of people? Maybe it’s speaking in general… I’ve been told lately that I communicate well. Regardless, it went really well, people turned up and were interactive. Olivia had lots to say. It flowed well. I think ZOMGitsCriss was recording it, so it might turn up on Youtube, in which case I will SPREAD IT AROUND THE INTERWEBS.

Lots of wonderful consenting hugs and goodbye conversations after the panel. Then the drive home. And the warm fuzzies. :)

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