On Boobs and Clothing

I’d like to start by saying that BOOBS SUCK SOMETIMES. And also that PERIODS CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES IN THE FACE.

Today, I’m packing for Convergence (well, I’m pretty much done packing), and trying to decide what clothes to bring. Basically, I’ve got all my femme tops, which are cut or otherwise designed around someone having boobs (because obviously, I have them, and have attempted to emphasize them before). In trying to minimize that effect, I’m not bringing any of those shirts.

The ONLY other options are t-shirts, many of which are far too big for me to want to wear them around. They’re cumbersome, and mostly for lazing around the house.

I’ve been contemplating buying a few new shirts, but have been put off by what I see at Wal-Mart. Men’s options are blank t-shirt, graphic t-shirt, and polo. Oh, and button-downs. It just seems so limited after buying femme clothes my whole life.

There are just so many options in women’s clothing. Variance in style, color, and design. Men’s clothes are much simpler, and much more limited.

So, I’m bringing a few t-shirts that fit, but are a bit loose. Unfortunately, I recently had a boob blow-up, and my binder is doing a less-than-effective job of flattening me as a result. The shirts still rest against the bump, but it’s less obviously a pair of tits.

Wearing the binder will probably have little effect on how people interact with me at the CON. Lots of people have no idea that there is an in-between for gender, and I’ll likely still get hit on by straight guys who have no clue.

It usually does make me feel more comfortable and better about being in public, so that’s a plus. What’s funny is that the flatness is more believable when I slouch, but the binder straightens my posture.

An amusing side note that might deserve its own post at some point: I really hate when straight guys hit on me (I assume they’re straight, they might not be in every case), but I thoroughly enjoy any maybe-near-flirting conversation with a woman or gender-variant person.

Bleh. Hopefully everything’s just awesome and being in the Skepchick room a lot, with people who are knowledgeable about gender and feminism and such, will keep me from dealing with a lot of that type of bullshit. Even the subtle ‘sweeties’ bother me. Not so much because of my relationship, but because of how I’m being perceived.

Sometimes I just want to shout I’M NOT WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.


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