ReasonFest was held this weekend at KU, and I was lucky enough to go on Saturday! I chose not attend on Sunday to help one of my family members clean her house in preparation for a move.

Without going into great detail, I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of things. For example: Turtles, alligators, and other similar animals have their sex determined by the temperatures they’re exposed to while in the egg, rather than by chromosomes as in humans. (Mark Blumberg) Cool stuff!

I made a couple friends, which was fantastic. (Hurray for Facebook, I can now talk to someone I met who lives in California!)

While Greg Epstein was speaking about his work with The Humanist Community Project, we had an interruption. First of all, I’d like to point out that everything Greg was saying was basically “You can do community service and contribute without God being involved.” An African-American man in the back of the auditorium stood up and interrupted with “EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME, I’d just like to say that this is an abomination–” cue everyone talking at once, drowning him out.

Some people were laughing, other people were annoyed. I was pretty amused. He continued to speak, but I couldn’t discern any words through the din, all while a few gentlemen guided him out the door. Thinking about it now, I’m very glad that we only had one such interruption and that this individual didn’t decide to bring a gun or anything crazy violent like that.

There was also a woman who spoke about dogmatism (Judy Johnson), a four-person panel on whether non-theists should participate in interfaith activities and projects (the general consensus was that we need to get things done regardless of ideals, except that you’re promoting faith by participating in ‘interfaith’ things and if there were a better word for it, it would be more appealing), and a documentary called “No Dinosaurs in Heaven” about how Creationists use scientific information to reaffirm their beliefs. “No Dinos” also asks the question: Should individuals who believe in Creationism as opposed to evolution be teaching science, since evolution is one of the basic concepts of most types of science?

One of my favorite parts of the day was the comedy section at the end. I missed the opening act’s name, though I think it’s Jamisha. (I came back a couple minutes late.) Keith Lowell Jensen came out from Cali to do a set. I’m really glad I hadn’t discovered him before this event, because all the jokes were fresh and really, REALLY funny. I have a theory that it’s easier to laugh at stand-up when you’re there, rather than watching a recording. Something about being right there or being in a room full of laughing people. Anyway, he was great, and if anyone reads this psychotic silly blog, they should check him out on YouTube.

This was the first atheist-themed-type event that I’ve been to, and I had a great time. I look forward to next year’s ReasonFest and Skepticon in November. If you have the time, you should google Reason Rally. It’s an event in Washington D.C. that I won’t be able to go to at the end of March because I have no money. Cheers!

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